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Liberty (Blogger 2.0)

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From the opposite time zone on the other side of the globe, Pammy and I worked together on Facetime to race against the clock. She has a true-blue infatuation with Pizzicato and she demanded Pizzicato's mint-green sister. Of course, I had to add a pinch of blue shimmer here and there to make it—sister worthy. Our most hilarious and surprising moment came when it was time to name her polish— she actually choked! Yup, our Pammy, one of my favorite authors. She thought naming the polish would be easy and fun—she now knows my pain. But this name is spot on—I see an image of the majestic Lady Liberty gleaming with reflective glass-flecks, shimmering on a warm, sunny day while I stand on the deck of the Staten Island Ferry, my hair blowing wildly against the wind, mesmerized by her presence and the symbol for what she represents.'

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Liberty (Blogger 2.0)

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