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An Accidental Interloper (Blogger 2.0)

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Who is the nail blogger behind this color? ’Tis I, an interloper who is not a nail blogger--shameless I know. When we were in the beginning stages of mixing Liberty, Pammy mentioned that we needed some kind of silver in our RBL family. For me, making a unique silver color was an obstacle I had yet to solve for many years. I have numerous bottles in my RBL cemetery drawers sitting there like rejected sleeping beauties. Yet, it was impossible to stop my hands and my foolish heart from trying again. I mixed, searched my polish graveyard, reawakened, remixed and re-married pigments to achieve this silver goddess with an edge faceted by multi-shimmer hues. It's a silver palette I can embrace as a part of the RBL family. Please forgive me??

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An Accidental Interloper (Blogger 2.0)

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